How Candidates can Support Net Neutrality

About 1154 candidates are running for election in 470 Congressional races during the 2018 midterm elections … and we’re doing our best to keep track of all of them!

When a candidate has publicly expressed support for restoring strong net neutrality protections, we consider that candidate to support net neutrality. If a candidate has failed to publicly state a position on net neutrality, we consider that candidate to have no stance. When a candidate opposes using the CRA to restore net neutrality, we consider that candidate to oppose net neutrality.

For sitting members of Congress, it’s important to remember that incumbent Senators have already voted on the CRA, while members of the House of Representatives have had the opportunity to bring the CRA to a vote, but have failed to do so. Some of these lawmakers are running for re-election and have stated that they support net neutrality. But without strong actions to back up their stated position, we have no choice but to judge them on their resistance to protecting net neutrality.

If you are a candidate (or represent a candidate), you can submit a request to update their stance on scorecard by filling out the form below. Make sure to include a URL showing proof of the candidate’s position on the CRA to restore net neutrality or we will be unable to make the change. For example this could be a tweet, statement on the candidate’s website, or an article with a quote.